Universal Mindfulness Coaching Model

In order to do mindfulness coaching, we need to operate from a mindfulness coaching model. There’s no way to do any type of coaching without a model to guide the process.

With mindfulness coaching, the coaching model contains assumptions that steer the coaching efforts toward mindfulness.

What would a mindfulness coaching model look like?

It might contain several elements. For one, the problem would always involve some sort of non-mindfulness. In turn, the solution would always involve some sort of return to mindfulness.

So if a client comes in and is in a non-mindful state, experiencing various signs and symptoms of being in that non-mindful state, the coach can assist the client to experience the same signs and symptoms but to do so in a mindful state.

If done well, that should put the client in a more resourceful place. And being in the more resourceful state – options and opportunities and personal capacities that were not available before should now be available.

Then the coach can engage in simple protocol of steering the client toward new ideas and solutions.

What’s different about a mindfulness coaching model than a typical life coaching model?

The mindfulness model makes more assumptions. It assumes that lack of mindfulness is part of the problem and that mindfulness is the solution or the resource that leads toward the solution.