An Amazing New AI Program Can Diagnose PTSD by Just Analyzing Voice

PTSD is one of the worst diseases anyone can suffer from. People with PTSD can’t function to their full extent and it has a great toll on the personality of the person. Many studies have been conducted on the subject especially in the United States of America.

A large proportion of their War Veterans suffers from PTSD due to the things they witnessed or did in the Iraq War or the War in Afghanistan.

A great article was posted on on April 22nd, 2019. It talks about the invention of AI program for identifying PTSD in veterans. Let’s talk about a few findings from that article.

Earlier Work

There have been numerous studies on the issue of PTSD. Medical researchers are continuously trying to find new ways to identify and cure PTSD in veterans. Traditionally self-report assessments or clinical interviews were used to identify veterans suffering from PTSD. Both of these methods are known to show biased results.

It Is Not a Cure

The AI software is very effective when it comes to identifying PTSD in veterans. However, it does not cure the disease in any way or form.

AI Program

Introduced to the world in a journal issued in April 2019, this is one of the best things that have ever happened to PTSD research. The initial tests showed that this program was able to differentiate between healthy veterans and veterans with PTSD with almost 89% accuracy. This AI program has made it possible for medical researchers to form a more objective measure for identifying PTSD. The old ways are relatively more subjective and biased so this is a great leap forward.

How Does It Work

It is believed that when a person goes through trauma or suffers from PTSD, his/her brain get affected by it. This has certain effects on the body as well including the voice. The frequency, rhythm, and tone of your voice changes when your brain is damaged. The AI uses these factors to identify if you are a PTSD sufferer or not. The program uses 40,526 speech-based features to identify PTSD patients.

The AI program was developed by the same company (SRI International) that developed Siri.

There have been hundreds of different researched on the issue of PTSD in veterans however the progress is very slow. It took many years for researchers and programmers to come up with an AI that can identify PTSD.

Future of This Amazing AI Program

As discussed earlier, progress is very slow. It is expecting that the technology will grow in the coming years but it would still be at a slow speed. Medical researchers want to make a few modifications to the Artificial Intelligence programs so that it can be approved by the government to be legally used in hospitals and medical centers.

The above-mentioned findings have been taken from the following article

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