Take this Self Awareness Test to See How Well You Know Yourself

Want to discover more about yourself? Take this quick self awareness test to see how self-aware you truly are.

What areas of life this Self Awareness Test covers

Inner Self – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

This area incorporates the neuro-linguistic programming model called VAK. VAK means Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The VAK model focuses on how we process information. Do we hear it, see it or feel it? We also know that these areas work together to generate a complete experience as they relate to each other.

Personal Paradigm

A personal paradigm is the way we see life. We create our view of the world by answering questions such as how life exists. Is there a God? Who created the universe? Are people basically good or bad? Our answers to these questions and other similar questions determine our personal paradigm.

Personal Beliefs: Positive and Negative

Our personal beliefs are our perspective on how we see ourselves. They tell us what is true or false about us based on our personal beliefs about our abilities. They can be positive personal beliefs or negative personal beliefs based on what success we think we can have. This self awareness test will give you a great head start on understanding your limiting personal beliefs.

Life Values

Your life values are what guide you to make many of life’s choices. If you believe animals have feelings and don’t deserve to be tortured, you probably don’t eat meat. If you believe people should take care of those less fortunate, you probably give to charity. Your life values should dictate your actions. If they don’t that would be considered incongruent and would show a lack of self awareness. The self awareness test will show you self-aware you are of your life values.

Inner Conflicts

An inner conflict is when our values or beliefs conflict with each other.  An example of an inner conflict could be that you know you are capable of achieving something, but you also doubt your ability to achieve it. It’s the saying “one one hand… but on the other hand….” It ends up in conflicting beliefs that stop us in our tracks. Inner conflicts are normal. The goal is to figure out what and why they are. A good source for understanding inner conflict is the AHA Solution.

Stress and Negativity Triggers

Stress and negativity triggers are things that set you off during a normal day. They might be the voice of someone you can’t stand, or seeing dirty dishes in the sink. Because they are so common, discovering what they are can help you avoid or resolve them. This will then lower your stress and negativity levels.

Inner Parents

Our inner parents are the influence our parents carry into our adulthood. We might hear the same criticisms, pressures, and praises we received as a kid. Our inner parents heavily affect our beliefs, values, and behaviors we have as adults. It is hard to separate our own personal beliefs from those that our parents had of us or the world. of our parents.  What parental influence are you carrying around?

Personal Limitations

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘limiting beliefs’. It’s a catchphrase in the personal development community. Personal limitations are essentially our limiting beliefs. They dictate our success in the world. They are usually self-imposed based on what we grew up feeling about ourselves. However,  they can also be valid. If you are shorter than average, you will probably never be a super model. That’s just the facts. When determining your personal limitations you must be honest with the limit of your natural gifts. Often, our limiting beliefs have no foundation and they are simply developed out of fear. This self awareness test will help you notice if you are working from your true personal limitations or just self-imposed ones.


Self-sabotage is related to many of the topics above. We self-sabotage when we have inner conflict. We want something but we don’t want it also. That causes us to sabotage the thing we want. An example would be that we want to be in a loving relationship but we keep choosing partners that aren’t particularly loving. A person would have to assume that you don’t really want to be in a loving relationship. However, as shown in the AHA Solution video, we aren’t always aware of why we are sabotaging the things we want. The self awareness test can help sort this out.

Your Future

Are you aware of what you want for your future? Becoming more self-aware can help you plan for things you would like to see in your future. Take the self awareness test to see how aware you are of our future goals.

Please remember that this self awareness test is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to diagnose anything or establish your mental state.

Self awareness test

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