How OCD Are You? Take the Quiz and Find Out! (not clinical)


Clinically, OCD stands for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It’s a real mental health condition that people suffer with for a lifetime. OCD is not to be taken lightly – and this quiz does NOT pretend to diagnose clinical OCD. It’s just a fun way to discover how detail-oriented you are, in a visual sense.

As you may know, we all communicate primarily through three senses: sight, sound and feeling. Your preference for one or more of these has a dramatic impact on your life, even your love life. Anyway, this OCD quiz used the visual modality (obviously:)

How “OCD” are you?

And how much did it bother you when you noticed the picture in the above quiz that was slightly off from the others? Ha ha…again, this isn’t clinical. Of course, if you believe you are OCD in a clinical sense, then 1) please forgive our lightheartedness about this serious condition and 2) be sure you’re in touch with medical professionals.

For the rest, share this quiz and compare notes with friends!

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