What is your Real Mental Age? Take the Quiz and Find Out! (Entertainment Only)


Is age a mindset?

Yes and no. It’s clearly a chronological phenomenon, yet it’s more than that, too. Your mental age – or your developmental age, is based on character and emotional maturity.

Whether or not the above quiz has any scientific validity (it doesn’t) the concept of mental and emotional maturity does. In this sense, age is a mindset. How old do you act? And if you act younger than your chronological age, do you do so appropriately or are you just immature and childish?

You can read more about the ideal stages of human growth and development in the adult life cycle if you want to make a more serious study of the issue. Of course, we all should. How many of us are taught how to grow up – to mature as a person – and what to expect during the process?

Most of us have no idea what stages adults go through as they mature. We’re typically more concerned about the latest scandals among the Hollywood elite.  Isn’t that interesting?




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